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Workshops of floral design and table coordination (in English) are held in Brooklyn, Upper East Side, SOHO, and Westchester. Workshops in Tokyo &Kamakura City in Japan will be held starting this October, 2017. 

For every workshop, we select everything in the space where the event is held and for the decoration on the table, and teach the know-how of the coordination, the heart of hospitality as a host, and time management skills. We coordinate the event space as a whole by carefully selecting not only the flowers, their color and fragrance, and ingredient for the dishes and how to cut and arrange them, but colors and texture of the dishes, table cloth, candles, napkins, and seasonality, and the trend. As for the recipes for the dishes, we introduce seasonal traditional dishes in US, Europe and Japan with the stories of their cultural background. 

For those who would like to take private lessons, or host a party with workshop for 8~10 people, a free consultation is available.

A lesson for making a bridal bouquet or, and other personal flowers, such as boutonnières, etc. for the bride is also available.


For more information, please contact us by email.

PreciousSky Designのフローラル・デザインとテーブル・コーディネーションのワークショップは日本語で行われ、NY州のマンハッタン、ブルックリン、そして郊外のウェストチェスターで開催。次回のニューヨークでのワークショップは、11月を予定しております。募集の開始は9月になります。





Workshopのプライベートレッスンは、マンツーマンでの個人レッスン、8~10人のグループレッスン受講が可能です。( それ以外の人数に関しましては、ご相談ください。) 




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